Heather MacRae, Director of Venture Thinking with Astronaut Paolo Nespoli

Venture Thinking delivers regional, national and international education programmes specialising in space, science, enterprise, art and mathematics. Clients include space agencies, government departments, universities, colleges, schools, local authorities, companies, charities and professional associations. Projects delivered by Venture Thinking aim to inspire student achievement, ambition and awareness of education and career opportunities.

Venture Thinking was founded in 2007 by Heather MacRae. Heather MacRae holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Careers Education and Guidance. Prior to 2007, Heather was Development Director at the Edge Foundation, 14-19 Consultant for the Learning Trust Hackney. Other roles have included General Manager of Enterprise Careers Services serving Hackney, Islington and City of London.

Venture Thinking works with a talented team of educators, designers, writers and industry experts. The delivery team is carefully chosen to meet the needs of the project. My colleagues all share my passion for creating world class programmes that engage young people and industry.

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