Recent Ventures

Venture Thinking has developed a range of inspirational projects for space industry and education clients.

Venture Thinking has developed a range of education outreach programmes for and with the UK Space Agency. These include:

Mission X Train Like An Astronaut – an international outreach programme led by NASA, ESA and space agencies across the world to inspire children’s interest in science, nutrition and fitness using astronauts as role models.

Richard in Space – working with private space participant Richard Garriott, Space Adventures and a range of UK partners including The Metro to design an outreach programme for his mission to the UK Space Agency. The outreach programme generated Richard’s experiment programme and led to Richard taking the first newspaper into Space – full of British students suggestions for science and future space programmes.

Space for Careers – an event for careers advisers outlining the growth opportunities in the space industry.

Calling All Mars Explorers is an outreach programme and set of resources inspired by Astrium and the Mars Rover technology. Supported by the UK Space Agency and STFC, Venture Thinking has worked with schools across the countries to develop concepts and ideas for future Mars exploration. The Calling All Mars Explorer programme was supported by a range of curriculum resources available for teachers to download on CosmOnline and the Times Education Supplement.


Venture Thinking is developing a range of teacher training courses for the European Space Education Resource Office. Heather MacRae works as a space ambassador across the South East supporting schools to use space within the curriculum.


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